How Did Mellow5 Soaps Journey Start?

Mellow5 was started initially for my family. After my pregnancy, I wanted to give most of my time to my girls. I made up my mind “not to go back to my corporate job”. But once the kids grow to a certain age, I somehow found more leisure time. To keep myself occupied, I started making yummy snacks for my kids. Lots and lots of baking, frying, googling turned me into an “everything home-made maniac”. I hate buying anything that is not house-made or fresh. This obsession took me to check what else I can turn into home-made in my house.

Ah! SOAPS! Apart from olive oil, I could not understand any ingredient in baby soap. THIS IS NOT GOOD! I could not use these many chemicals on my kids. So, I started searching, reading…

YouTube videos gave me some hope “OK, it is doable”. First, I bought a melt and pour soap base to try. But I didn’t want to just melt, pour and use. I bought some colors and a mold. Poor artist inside me became so enthusiastic after a long time. I did some this-and-that with my melt and pour shea butter base and made the soaps to look like flowers. My kids love to use those soaps and they even started to take baths by themselves! WOW! This is something!

I dig deeper. So how to make it from scratch? Again, lots and lots of videos, books, googling, etc., Found where I could get my oils, butters, and tools. Shipped a small batch of everything and a bunch of tools from a local supplier. My first soap – Made of Olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil, Oat milk, Avocado oil, Grapeseed oil. The first soap itself is a “not bad” one with all the properties and PH level I was looking for. That’s it, I found my new passion from there. Kids and my husband just love what I make. I started giving to my friends and family. Their reviews and feedback were great and inspired me to start this as a small business.

I believe anything that is hand-made, home-made is good for our body. I also believe “Bathing is fun!” To make this me-time more memorable, I wanted to make one-of-a kind products. Each Mellow5 product is unique in its own way. They are made with skin-loving oils, butters, clays, botanicals, cream, milk. Their unique fragrances and eye-catching designs will make your bath more enjoyable!

Slowly, I added candles, bath salt, lip balm, Bath Bomb to our collection and this is how “Mellow5 Soaps” started its journey.

Who Makes it & What Goes into Our Products?

Malini a proud mother of twin girls and a soap lover makes beautiful & one-of-a-kind soaperies. All our products are packed with ingredients that your skin loves the most like detox clays, nourishing oils, butter, and refreshing additives.

What Products are Available?

Mellow5 offers beautiful handmade vegan artisan soaps, candles, bath salts, bath bombs, body butter and lip balms. We are specialized in making beautiful spa gift sets: perfect gifts for loved ones, friends and family.

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